capturing happy people & love stories


weddings & engagements



Your wedding journey is a story, from the moment you say “yes!” until the time you get back from your honeymoon. I offer one full-day package in order to capture that story as a whole, not just when you say “I do”! While there are some moments and emotions you may expect, there are many others that may surprise you. 

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seniors & portraits


So many resumes are the same . So how do colleges or employers pick YOU? Because you are unique! Your portraits should reflect your personality. I took one of my headshots with an "I love kitties" shirt and draw a fantastic audience from that alone! What speaks to you?

maternity, birth & newborn



You track how big your bump is each month, and maybe compare the size to a fruit or vegetable - a pea pod, an apple, a banana. And then you have a baby, and each thing they do blows your mind, from first yawns to first smiles. Each tiny facial expression gives you ALL the feels! 

Minnesota Wedding Photographer

events & special projects


Bar mitzvahs, corporate events, family reunions...anything with people passionate about life!