Meet Jasmin


“Hey I’m Jasmin but y’all can call me Jas!! I grew up in the Twin Cities and have been a photographer since 2013, though really I’ve been obsessed with the camera since I could walk. On a family trip to Israel when I was 10, I actually broke the family camera and my parents said I couldn’t touch the camera after that!! I was mortified yet determined, and continued working towards buying my own camera; the rest is history!  Over the years, I have taken pictures of dignitaries, celebrities, and politicians, as well as private events, conferences, weddings, and portraits. Photography is my source of passion and energy!

I graduated from the University of Minnesota and studied Agriculture Business–Ski-U-Mah babyyy. Some other fun facts about me; I’m fluent in two languages! Can you guess which two? I’m allergic to garlic. I have traveled to over 35 countries. I am convinced nitro cold brew with sweet cream will cure me of anything. I am always looking for the next adventure and try to make the most of each moment! Can’t wait to meet you!”


Xoxo, Jasmin


Associate photographers are an extension of Empiria Studios. Athena (owner and photographer) will communicate with you on contracts, invoices, and other wedding updates throughout the year! The associate will take your engagement photos, be in contact with you regarding specific wedding-day details, and obviously photograph your wedding! After the wedding, Athena handles all of the editing and followup communication.