Meet Emily


“Some call me a crazy cat lady, others; and old soul. I listen to hip hop, eat way too many avocados, and will beat anyone and everyone at Disney trivia. I am a recovering garage sale trinket hoarder and love a cream cheese wonton with the perfect cream cheese to wonton ratio. If I had to pick a golden girl I am most similar to, it would have to be a cross between Rose and Sophia.  I was sorted into Gryffindor and hold a special place in my heart for the way the crisp lake air smells at night in Northern MN.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously! I want you to let go, have fun, be vulnerable, and all around just have a kick ass day. Gone are the thoughts of “does this look ok?” And “Are we doing this right??” Let’s face it – it can be really weird to be on front of a camera. I promise to work with you and get you two in a groove (like we actually listen to music when we shoot!) so you don’t even really remember there’s a camera on you. We will laugh, skip, jump, smooch and high five our way into greatness. We are a team! You two & me. Let’s make some magic.”


Xoxo, Emily


Associate photographers are an extension of Empiria Studios. Athena (owner and photographer) will communicate with you on contracts, invoices, and other wedding updates throughout the year! The associate will take your engagement photos, be in contact with you regarding specific wedding-day details, and obviously photograph your wedding! After the wedding, Athena handles all of the editing and followup communication.