Meet Ashley


“Hey there! I’m Ashley! I’m a Minnesota girl through and through, but love traveling and always daydream about my next adventure. When not hustling to one gig or another, you can usually find me bopping around the city with friends, binge-watching my current Netflix obsession, or playing with my kitties Maya and Nova!! I’m a firm believer that the magic in life comes from turning everyday moments into meaningful experiences with the ones we love!

Fun facts about me:  If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be ice cream; chocolate peanut butter cup for the WIN! I’ve seen Misterwives (my fav band) at least 7 times – if you wanna see me dance catch me at a concert!! Lilacs are my favorite flower and Chickadees are my favorite bird. I’m a true Gemini – everything I love are opposites (ask me about my tattoo!)

Xoxo, Ashley


Associate photographers are an extension of Empiria Studios. Athena (owner and photographer) will communicate with you on contracts, invoices, and other wedding updates throughout the year! The associate will take your engagement photos, be in contact with you regarding specific wedding-day details, and obviously photograph your wedding! After the wedding, Athena handles all of the editing and followup communication.