Hey! I'm Athena!

creative,quirky,and pumped!

So excited to meet you! Capturing love and happiness is the best job I could ask for, and creating relationships along the way makes this into the best career! In addition to being your photographer, I strive to feel like a friend. As my clients generally say, “We had so much fun hanging out with you! We didn’t even notice you were taking photos!”

On wedding days I’ll go from a conversation with your grandparents to dancing with your cousin. During family portraits I’ll talk about bugs with your kids and dance to Disney songs with them in the living room. And in the process, I’ll be capturing all of the moments that make you smile, tear up, and feel all the feels. In my emails to you, at least each one will include a smiley face, and you may find embedded gifs on occasion!

If you’re curious to know fun facts about me, scroll on!

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• I was raised in and currently live in Minneapolis, although my background is far from the midwest! I was born in California, my parents were born on the East Coast, and my grandparents were born in Greece and Ukraine. We’re one big happy Greek/Jewish family!

• Dancing is my happy place! Secretly I wish I was an underground hip hop dancer, but always end up dancing like Carleton to James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing”

• Tomato vine is one of my favorite smells. Not the tomato, just the vine.

• If I entered into an eating competition, I'd win at sushi.

• If I was a sitcom character, I'd be a mix of Leslie Knope and Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation! Leslie’s initiative, diligence, and heart, and Tom’s enthusiasm and creativity.

• I think I could fit in if I tried to live as a goat. Curious, quirky, adventurous, cuddly, and energetic. I truly love goats (and llamas, and any other derpy animal!).