Meet the team!


We're so pumped to meet you!! Honestly, making new friends is the best. Surrounding ourselves with excitement, love, and happiness is the best career we could ask for. On wedding days, you’ll find us going from a conversation with your grandparents to complimenting your college roommate on her shoes under the bathroom stall. During family sessions, we'll talk about bugs and sing to Moana with your kids in the living room. We hope to be your photographer, but more importantly, we hope to be let into the intimate, everyday parts of your life.

I'm Athena!!

Owner of Empiria Studios

I fell in love with weddings at the age of 5–no joke. My family would take me to the bookstore, and I would ask to go into the wedding dress store!! I was raised in and currently live in Minneapolis, although my background is far from the Midwest. I was born in California, my parents were born on the east coast, and my grandparents were born in Greece and Ukraine. We’re one big happy Greek/Jewish Family!

I started this business in 2014 and went full time in 2018. I’ve photographed over 200 weddings since then and couldn’t be more proud to work alongside this team of people. I handle all of the communication, behind the scenes work, editing, planning, and more! Regardless of who photographs your engagement and wedding, we’re all here to help you feel confident, excited, and comfortable!