August 18, 2020 /

Serenity Hills Pavilion Wedding - Kaycee & Cody


This was my second time photographing a wedding at Serenity Hills Pavilion, and once again it did not disappoint! Not only are the Chip and Joanna Gaines vibes very strong–rustic cedar beams, shiplap walls, and black windows call my name! Not only are are the sunsets perfect across the cornfields–as the orange glow sets across the front entrance, farmhouse lights turn on and the chandeliers glow from inside the windows. But ALSO the clients are just SO SWEET and loving! This was also the second time photographing the Lukes family–I photographed Mackenzie and Bret in 2018; Bret and Kaycee are siblings!

This family fills my heart. They inspire me to be a better partner, daughter, mother, and friend. The way they embrace each other with joy, the way they keep traditions alive… I can’t handle it! Kaycee’s dad’s toast was truly the sweetest toast I have ever heard. He told her “one last bedtime story”, about a Princess (Kaycee) and a Prince (Cody)–cue ALL THE TEARS. It’s probably a good thing they live near Rochester, otherwise I’d show up at their family dinners 😀


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