July 7, 2020 /

North Loop, Minneapolis Engagement / Ashlee & Dan


I love North Loop, Minneapolis engagement sessions. As many times as I’ve photographed there, each one is so different. Obviously it’s because of the couple and their own flair, relationship, energy, etc., but it’s also because there are just so many textures and backgrounds packed into a small area! For Ashlee and Dan’s engagement session, we walked around a ONE BLOCK radius and got to some spots I have never been to before (with my camera)! Literally, we walked a total of four blocks, in a perfect square, and found everything from a modern glass building to a brewery with a graffiti-style mural.

After our time in the North Loop, we went to a nearby beach in Minneapolis. Even though it was filled with people (which was odd, given the pandemic), the photos make it look like we had the park all to ourselves. I’m pretty proud of that aspect 😉

PS – they started the session by saying they were nervous in front of the camera!! UM, HELLO SCROLL AND LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THEY ARE! The power of beer 😉 (and a fun engagement session).

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