September 24, 2019 /

St Paul, Minnesota Wedding {Emma & Jeff}


Did you know I used to be a hairstylist? I worked at a salon for three years until I was ready to go full-time with Empiria! One of my very first clients was this fabulous girl named Emma. Seeing her was always the highlight of my day, and she even followed me when I switched salons across Minneapolis! Being a hairstylist is a great way to foster relationships; when you’re stuck in my chair for two or more hours, of course we talk about all aspects of life! We developed such a lovely friendship, and I was PUMPED when she asked me to photograph her wedding!!

Emma and Jeff are made for each other. The two are joyful, lively, and hilarious. They give the best hugs, have the best humor, and are the sweetest souls. Seriously, I was on cloud 9 all day and it wasn’t even my wedding day! — Ok, to be honest, the pregnancy pains are getting real, but the joy of the day totally overshadows the pain!! 😉 I was honored to photograph this wedding day, and I cannot wait to hear about their honeymoon in SPAIN!! <3


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