July 7, 2019 /

Katie and Jerad {Duluth, MN Wedding Photographer}


I met Katie and Jerad almost two years ago! Their engagement photos were in the fall of 2017, and it felt like June 2019 was so far away. And yet after all that time, I walked into the getting ready rooms and gave Katie and Jerad the biggest hugs! That’s one of my favorite parts of this job–the personal relationships.

Knowing as much of their story as possible,  how they fell in love, what makes them smile…I think about it throughout the entire wedding day! So when Katie’s sister gave her speech, I definitely cried. She mentioned that she had asked Jerad if he was excited for the wedding, and he replied “no”. He then explained that he was already spending the life he wanted with the woman he loves, and a piece of paper, floral arrangements, and a beautiful gown wasn’t going to change how much he loved her. [ Jerad, I hope I paraphrased correctly!! ] INSTANT TEARS BEHIND THE CAMERA. I even looked at some guests and we cried together.

Connecting with the couple and the guests is what makes this job the absolute best. Even if we don’t see each other for two years, I’ll give you the biggest hugs, ask about how your life is, ask about your dog, and genuinely wish the best for you and your family <3




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