January 22, 2019 /

Linnea and Josh {Downtown Minneapolis Engagement Photos}


Someone once told me “your vibe attracts your tribe.” AKA specific marketing helps to attract a target market. Totally makes sense, right? Heck yeah!

I really took this to heart when putting my new website and branding together. My favorite images were always the ones of laughing, dancing, goofing around, etc. I put out the energetic, love-filled vibes and hope to find clients (and new friends!) who just can’t stop smiling and loving life.

When looking through Linnea and Josh’s session, I kept remembering this phrase, and couldn’t help but think that THIS IS MY TRIBE! These dance moves to “I believe in miracles…you sexy thang”, these cuddles when it’s so cold outside but so worth the cuddles, the laughter when bumping butts and checking each other out. These are the vibes that make my heart beat; this is the tribe that I want to be a part of!! I am so excited for this year and all of these clients I get to laugh with 🙂


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