December 17, 2018 /

Paige & Alex {Minneapolis Alternative Engagement Photos}



We started Alex and Paige’s engagement session in their new home (which was about 5 blocks away from my house!!). Upon opening the door, little baby Boris (the cutest bulldog puppy you’ve ever seen) came to greet me!! We immediately sat on the floor together, him curled up on my lap trying to eat my flannel, me silently squealing. Even though we put Boris back in his crate after a bit, I continued silently (or not so silently) squealing out of joy and excitement for the rest of the session!

We laughed, we danced, we talked about Scandal and making blueberry Jam in Vermont (#noshame), and we realized all of the things we have in common (it’s a BIZARRE amount). I am so excited for this new friendship, definitely looking forward to puppy play dates, and cannot WAIT to join Paige and Alex on their wedding journey! <3




How amazing the photos look with your cute furr baby.

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