April 18, 2018 /

Victoria and Chad {MPLS Engagement Photos}



When I was in 9th grade, I sat down with my school’s educational board and talked about how the school runs effectively. To be honest, I have no idea how I got myself into that meeting. But what I do know is that I said everything is a business, even the school. And every business needs to make money, the school included. But what I talked about then, and still believe now, is that it’s not all about the money.  Yes, I need to be able pay my own bills, and I need to cover the expenses to run my business, and perhaps a vacation every once in a while would be great. But that’s business. Being a business owner is about relationships.

Victoria reached out to me a while ago regarding wedding photography, although a few months went by until we really started talking details. She was having a very stressful wedding planning experience. I get it! There are so many vendors to coordinate, guests to invite, details to manage, and it all becomes this crazy interconnected web of STUFF. After I talked with Victoria, I realized that she was not only frazzled, but in need of some guidance, help, and LOVE from a vendor! So I put together a package that would work within her tight budget, unafraid of any profit margin; something I don’t normally do. Immediately the amount of gratitude and excitement poured out of Victoria, like a freaking massive water fountain. I’m the same way, super outwardly expressive and emotional! We get along well, to say the least!

Sometimes, when you extend yourself, it comes back in the perfect way. Victoria and Chad are dream clients; not because of their wedding details (although those will be fabulous too!). But because of their love, respect, and joy for one another. Also, they are both photographers and SO COOL (just wait for their tattoos). I am absolutely blessed to know them. Not to mention, their photos are ADORABLE! <3 <3