March 15, 2018 /

Caitie and Calvin {MPLS lifestyle photos}



A few weeks ago I saw a picture that really got my creative fire going! Was it of a bride on top of a mountaintop, her dress blowing in the wind? Nope, although that does get me every time 🙂 It was just a couple chillin’ at home with their dog! I could just feel the peacefulness and love coming through…and, of course I can’t resist dogs. So I messaged my friend Caitie who is equally obsessed with her dog and asked to photograph her, her awesome husband Calvin, and their freaking awesome dog Shadow. <<after looking at the photos, Caitie described Shadow as a land seal. #accurate>>

Caitie thought about going to the lounge in her apartment building, which is gorgeous and modern and awesome! She kept saying her apartment wasn’t clean, not ready for photos, and nothing special, but I secretly knew that would be the best!! Here’s the deal with in-home sessions…your home is 100% special because it is YOURS! It is where you wake up next to each other probably smelly but you enjoy each other’s company anyway, where you make pancakes and make either ugly or burned pancakes but you keep eating them because pancakes are life, and where you lose your keys and run around frantically just to realize you are already holding them. Your home is where your memories are, even if it’s just a temporarily rented apartment.

^ the next blog post is going into more depth on in-home sessions! But for now…DOGS!