tattooed couple laughing on a bohemian rug black walls engagement photo mpls
engagement photo piggy back rides on the beach
smiling asian couple wedding ceremony married minneapolis
bride and groom portraits on Palisade Head north shore minnesota elopement
engaged couple laughing and walking downtown Minneapolis photo session
Athena Hays Empiria Studios

Hello! I’m Athena.

I’m a big dreamer and whole hearted lover (as seen by me and this baby goat). I’ve been a creative soul for as long as I could hold a crayon, and a photographer since high school. Filling my days with excitement and love is the absolute best!! I dance in the kitchen alone, am obsessed with farm animals, and enjoy jigsaw puzzles with a big glass of wine.

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Planning a wedding? I’d love to talk to you all about your plans and visions over drinks, coffee, or ice cream! My treat!